Drum and Bugle Corps

To purchase an existing show or to commission a new show contact me directly via phone or email


Purchasing an existing show:

All shows listed on this page can be purchased for a price that is determined based on usage and purpose. Score samples of shows are available upon request. 


Commissioning a new show:

My pricing breakdown for new drum and bugle corps shows is determined on a case by case basis. Factors include length, instrumentation, difficulty level etc. Contact me directly to get a price quote on a new drum and bugle corps show. 

***Individual element of shows can be commissioned (i.e. winds only, no percussion) 

***The purchasing organization is responsible for acquiring and paying for all arranging rights for the tune they are purchasing. I recommend using Tresona Music. 

***Existing shows from this website may be purchased for their listed prices and modified by me for an additional fee. Modification fees are determined on a case by case basis. Contact me directly for more information.