Empire City


I. The City
II. Traffic

III. Evening in Central Park

IV. Empire City


Empire State of Mind by Alicia Keys

Original Music by Jeff Chambers

The non-original music in this show was arranged with permission, ONLY after securing the rights to arrange and perform through Tresona Music. Any future ensemble that wishes to perform this show will have to obtain the same rights and permissions.

Difficulty Level: Medium

Winds - $900

Battery - $300

Front Ensemble - $300

Sound Design (By Tim Mitchell) - Coming Soon!

TOTAL - $1,500





-Alto Sax

-Tenor Sax

-Baritone Sax

-Trumpet 1

-Trumpet 2


-Baritone 1

-Baritone 2

-(Baritone T.C.)



-Snare Drums

-Tenors (Quints)

-Bass Drums*







-Rack Percussion

-Bass Drum/Gong


*This show comes with the option of 4 or 5 bass drums


It's the big apple, New York City! This show celebrates one of the most iconic cities in the world. Alicia Keys "Empire State of Mind" drives this show musically. This show covers a wide variety of "city" elements including traffic jams, the hustle and bustle of big city living, the vastness of New York City and more. The ballad "Central Park" is a beautiful break from the business of the city and the show closes with another recap of "Empire State of Mind". I love this show and I hope you do too!

Editor's Note: The clarinet solo in this show is very demanding. I have an alternate version of this show available that includes a much easier clarinet solo. Tim Mitchell is in the process of creating sound design for this show!