I. Lost in Space
II. Homesick

III. Returning Home

Difficulty Level: Easy - Medium


Original Music by Jeff Chambers

The music in this show is 100% original and requires no additional performance rights to perform!


This show is published through Center-X Productions and must be purchased through them. 

TOTAL - $2,000





-Alto Sax

-Trumpet 1

-Trumpet 2


-Low Brass 1

-Low Brass 2

-(Baritone T.C.)



-Snare Drums

-Tenors (Quints)

-Bass Drums (5)


-Marimba 1

-Marimba 2

-Vibraphone 1

-Vibraphone 2



-Sound FX

-Rack Percussion 1

-Rack Percussion 2

-Rack Percussion 3


If you are looking for a production that incorporates all kinds of bells and whistles – this is it! The show is about being lost in space and the journey the character takes to get back to planet Earth. The rhythmic pattern that the woodwinds state at the beginning of the show is actually Morse Code for the word “HOME.” You will hear this theme interwoven throughout the entire show. The opening statement establishes the character’s fond thoughts of returning home, and then depicts the craziness of space i.e. meteors, star explosions, etc. The ballad uses previously established themes in a minor setting to portray the character’s sadness of being lost in space. The closer is all about the return back to planet Earth, including a dangerous journey back through space and then a glorious re-entry to Earth’s atmosphere and the return home. A single performer could carry the storyline of the astronaut. Backdrops can be as elaborate as you wish – just imagine the set design for a blockbuster movie. Guard costumes and flags would depend on the role you wish them to portray. This show offers many unique musical moments and ideas that would work well with many themes or guard ideas.