Hansel and Gretel

I. Feast
II. Baba Yaga's Revenge

III. Baba Yaga's Retribution

Difficulty Level: Advanced


Original Music by Jeff Chambers

The music in this show is 100% original and requires no additional performance rights to perform!


This show is published through Center-X Productions and must be purchased through them. 

TOTAL - $2,000





-Alto Sax

-Tenor Sax

-Trumpet 1

-Trumpet 2



-(Baritone T.C.)



-Snare Drums

-Tenors (Quints)

-Bass Drums


-Marimba 1

-Marimba 2

-Marimba 3






-Rack Percussion 1

-Rack Percussion 2

-Rack Percussion 3


Hansel and Gretel is a well-known fairy tale of German origin, recorded by the Brothers Grimm and published in 1812. Hansel and Gretel are a young brother and sister kidnapped by a cannibalistic witch (Baba Yaga) living deep in the forest in a house constructed of cake and confectionery. The two children save their lives by outwitting her. This show is a whimsical yet intensely rich composition in three parts: Feast, Baba Yaga’s Revenge, and Baba Yaga’s Retribution. You will want to go all out when you present this fairy tale. Props should include a forest, a pathway, and of course the all important house of candy! You could incorporate additional actors to portray the children and the witch. Your auxiliary could be woodland creatures, candy pieces come-to-life or perhaps something a bit more sinister. You could opt to include voiceovers from the fairy tale to further enhance your production. This show offers many unique musical moments and ideas that would work well with many themes or guard ideas.