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Crowbar is a short film written and directed by Lee Ryan Coston. In this film, a lonely young girl stumbles around her neighborhood, hoping to find a friend. Friendship is not what she is offered. Still hungry, as a teenager, she allows abuse in exchange for cheap friendships and counterfeit love, until an unexpected heroine steps forward and offers that 'Crowbar Moment' and changes her life forever. You can view the trailer and learn more about this film at

Hooked is a romantic comedy feature-length film about a man who believes he found his perfect soulmate but his autism prevents him from realizing she’s actually a prostitute. The award-winning screenplay for Hooked is based on the acclaimed novel and the story brings crucial awareness to human trafficking as well as autism. The film is being led by filmmaker, Allen Wolf. For more information, check out the website for Hooked. As of September of 2018, this film has entered post-production. Music scoring will begin at the end of October.

Morris, a recent widower, struggles to find himself amidst his loss while being forced to move out of his lifelong home. With the help of Tabitha, his lively sister-in-law and best friend, he must learn to find humor in the darkest of places and begin to come to terms with his new life and identity.

Independant Films

Unknown Light

Days after returning from an interstellar research mission, June is sure something terrible has followed her home. She attempts to warn her sister, but the ever-adventurous Jackie needs to know more.

Starring Courtney Heuer and Cassie Stires
Written & Directed by Peter Breit
Produced by T.K. Johnson

Final Beat Films


"Uninvited" is a short film I scored for the 2018 Seattle 48 Hour Film Project with team Pulled Prok Productions. This entire film was written, shot and produced all within 48 hours and the genre was "Technology Gone Wrong". 

The Supplicant

The Supplicant is a short film by Bossy Sister Productions that takes place in a post-war Seattle that has been taken over by large tech companies. The human race has become slaves to these corporate giants and the only way to survive is to give in to their wishes. This film has been submitted to multiple festivals as of Fall of 2018 and will hopefully get a chance to see the big screen soon! 

They Never Forget

To my military friends and family, I don't even know where to start. How do we, as the rest of society, even begin to say thank you? You endure hardship that the rest of us cannot even imagine, all so that the rest of us get to enjoy the freedoms of daily life. And the worst part is, people have no idea what it is that you go through when serving. PTSD, night terrors, flashbacks......these are things that make people uncomfortable to talk about. Lee Ryan Coston produced wrote and produced this short film to pay tribute to veterans and bring awareness to the struggles that veterans go through not just for a little while when they return home, but often times for life. 

This film stars Ralph Smith and was shot south of Seattle, Washington. I had the honor and privilege of composing an original score for this film as well as doing the sound effects.

Wild Roses

A short, claustrophobic horror film about a woman trapped in a crawl space, and the bedtime stories her father told her as a child.


Originally entered into the 2016 Seattle 48 Horror Festival.

*Audience Favorite* *Runner Up Best in City* *Best Music* *Best Editing* *Best Graphics* Nominated (Top 3) *Best Actress* *Best Direction* *Best Writing*


We polished this version up for your enjoyment. Changes include tightening the edit, color correction, and reworking text dialog. No reshoots were done. 


Wild Roses stars Elizabeth Rhoades. It was written, directed, and shot by dQniel Kaufman.


Wild Roses features Max Grasa. It was produced by Liz Dahlstrom, and crewed by Max Malik (AD), John Medlong (sound), Max Grasa (AC and Key Joat), Jeff Chambers (Music), David Benedict (Script Supervisor), David Argent (Data Wrangler), David Kaufman (construction), IR Hanson (editor) and Anna Lee (colorist).

Lily's Day Out

"Lily's Day Out" starring Elizabeth Sotelo is a short film I scored for the 2017 Seattle 48 Hour Film Project with team Pulled Prok Productions. This entire film was written, shot and produced all within 48 hours and the genre was "Found Footage". 


A short film about an attempt to take a robot and make it a human.


"/Person" was an entry into the 2015 Four Points contest, an International 72 Hour film competition. This is the exact version we turned in, completed from writing to export in 72 hours.

The Box

"The Box" was an entry into the 2015 Seattle 48 Hour Horror movie project. This is the exact version we turned in, completed from writing to export in 48 hours. The genre was sci-fi horror.