Rhapsody en Route

Difficulty Level: Medium - Advanced


Rhapsody in Blue by George Gershwin 

The Great Locomotive Chase by Robert W. Smith

"Home" from The Wiz by Charlie Smalls 

The non-original music in this show was arranged with permission, ONLY after securing the rights to arrange and perform through Tresona Music. Any future ensemble that wishes to perform this show will have to obtain the same rights and permissions.


Winds - $900

Battery - $300

Front Ensemble - $300

     MainStage Programming is available for this show. 

     Please contact for a price quote.

TOTAL - $1,500





-Clarinet 1

-Clarinet 2

-Bass Clarinet

-Alto Sax

-Tenor Sax

-Trumpet 1

-Trumpet 2




-(Baritone T.C.)



-Snare Drums

-Tenors (Quints)

-Bass Drums*


-Marimba 1

-Marimba 2





-Rack Percussion 1

-Rack Percussion 2


*This show comes with the option of 4 or 5 bass drums


Most great stories are about the journey, not the destination. Imagine you find yourself on a train trying to make your way back home. But then unexpectedly, you fall in love with another person who happens to be sharing the same journey as you. That is what this show is all about. From a design standpoint, you have two very broad subjects to work with: "Romance" and "Trains". Additionally, you will get to work with three fantastic pieces of source music! I love this show because it is musically interesting but also provides endless visual and effect possibilities.