Difficulty Level: Medium-Advanced


Original Music by Sy Hovik & Jeff Chambers
With Heart and Voice by David Gillingham
Starman by David Bowie
Sanctuary by Frank Ticheli
Mercury (from the Planets) by Gustav Holst

Percussion by Pete Chambers, Josh Nay & Zac Ziegler

Sound Design by Tim Mitchell

The non-original music in this show was arranged with permission, ONLY after securing the rights to arrange and perform through Tresona Music. Any future ensemble that wishes to perform this show will have to obtain the same rights and permissions.


Winds - $1,100

Battery - $300

Front Ensemble - $300

Sound Design - Starting at $300

     MainStage Programming is available for this show. 

     Please contact for a price quote.

TOTAL - $2,000





-Alto Sax

-Tenor Sax

-Trumpet 1

-Trumpet 2

-Trumpet 3


-Baritone 1

-Baritone 2

-(Baritone T.C.)



-Snare Drums

-Tenors (Quints)

-Bass Drums*


-Marimba 1

-Marimba 2

-Vibraphone 1

-Vibraphone 2




-Bass Guitar

-Sound FX

-Rack Percussion 1

-Rack Percussion 2

-Rack Percussion 3

*This show comes with the option of 4 or 5 bass drums


In November of 2012, astronaut Scott Kelly, along with Mikhail Korniyenko, began a yearlong mission on the international space station. "Weightless" seeks to give perspective to what it must have been like for these astronauts during that year they spent in space. This production encourages self-reflection and empathy from its viewers. You may have seen this show in the 2019 catalogue. It has since been shortened, updated and improved! We hope you like the new and improved version of “Weightless”! 

Editor's Note: We are recording new Voiceovers this week that are less boomy and will upload the the new audio shortly!